Friday, 26 December 2014

What's Inside My Handbag?

I've been carrying this gorgeous grey H&M bag around for a while now. It goes with me everywhere: to university lectures, on (all too frequent) shopping trips and on weekends away. But no matter where it's heading, there are always a few core items I carry around. 

In my bag I have the obvious essentials: my iPhone (although that is often clasped tightly in my hand) and my purse, which is a recent River Island purchase. Then I always have my iPod on me for lengthy stays in the library and tedious bus/train journeys. I am so scatty that I have to keep a diary on me as it's the only way I can keep myself organised! My diary is from W.H. Smiths and the pen is a freebie I picked up a university open day. Also in my bag is The Untold History of the United States by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick which is a non-fiction book about the 'dark side' of American history from World War I to the Obama administration. As a history student whose dissertation is focused on American history this is book is so addictive, and incredibly helpful to my studies. As this month has been full of assignment deadlines and long nights in the library, I always have my USB on me so I can back-up all of my work. I also have Carmex lip balm and a Body Shop hand cream for smooth lips and skin as well as all the emergency bits such as paracetamol and tissues. 

A small make-up bag is always in my bag in the eventuality of a top-up. I purchased the bag last summer when I went on holiday to Thailand with my family. It's so pretty and the perfect size to keep a few essentials at hand. In it I have my two favourite mascaras (Bourjois Volume Clubbing and L'oreal False Lash Flutter), Bourjois pencil eyeliner, Topshop lipstick, M.A.C. Studio Fix powder and a Real Techniques powder brush. 

What I have left out of the photos is the dozens of scrunched up receipts and used tissues littered inside my bag...


  1. Nice ;)

  2. Wow you carry a lot of stuff!! I try not to carry a lot of things because I don't want my shoulder to be in pain xD
    That diary is super cute~

  3. I love these kinds of posts! I always carry a Topshop lipstick as well, they're my favourite right now. would be really great if you could check out my fashion blog? :)


  4. Great stuff, my bag is much more empty :Phaha.


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  6. I want to see your makeup bag more!! Nice posts:)

  7. Good post dear ! I am following you and you can also follow me please :)))

  8. i like this make up kit\;0


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