Wednesday, 26 March 2014

TAG: Fashion Blogger Questions

This week i decided to do something a little bot different. I found this 'fashion blogger tag' and i thought it would be a fun way to tell you about myself and my fashion habits, but also to learn more about my readers/followers! So here we go...

1. What is your favourite style to wear?
My style is really mixed. I love to grunge things up a lot, but I also like prettier girlie looks. My style is always changing depending on how I feel, and I also love experimenting with different and new looks!
2. Who is your fashion role model?
I'd probably say my mum, she has great taste! In terms of celebrities, I love Miranda Kerr for her amazing everyday looks and Amy Adams for her red carpet looks.
3. What do you always have on?
My sunglasses. I have really sensitive eyes to brightness, so I'm that weird person that will be wearing sunglasses when its raining if its bright enough...
4. What are your favourite jeans?
My favourite jeans are a black pair from Miss Selfridge. I love black jeans because you can wear them with anything!
5. What are your favourite sunglasses?
My favourite glasses were a pair I got from Aldo last year, unfortunately I stupidly left them at a restaurant. This year I bought a similar pair, which I love, to replace them from Topshop.

6. What are your favourite shoes?
My favourite shoes for the daytime are my Nike Air Force, I love trainers and I love to be comfortable when I'm running around to and from university. For the night time, my favourite shoes are my wedges from New Look, they have been with me for a long time and are so comfortable, I am going to be devastated when they finally give up on me.
7. Who influenced you to write about fashion?
Nobody in particular influenced me. I was at London Fashion Weekend a few years ago watching the runway show and just had this urge to write about it.
8 What is your favourite store?
I absolutely love Miss Selfridge, they're clothes just fit me so well and they are my go-to for jeans! I also love New Look and River Island.
9. Who is your favourite fashion person on YouTube?
I really love Sammi's channel BeautyCrush. She does a lot of beauty, but really awesome fashion lookbooks too.
10. What is your favourite fabric?
I'm not really sure. I know that I definitely hate satin.
11. Who is your favourite model?
There are loads of models I love. For starters, Kate Moss because I love her style. I also love Jordan Dunn and I think that Kendall Jenner is going to be an amazing model.
12. If you had $5,000 to spend on any one item, what would it be?
Probably a handbag. You can get such good use of of bags! I would pick a classic style probably in black so that I could wear it with everything!
13. Heels or flats?
Flats mostly. But there are some outfits that heels will just complete! 
14. What purse do you currently use?
Right now I'm swapping between 2. For a bigger bag I use a shoulder bag from New Look, which I love because of the colour blocking on it. I am also using a smaller, grey, satchel sidebag from Forever21 for when I have less things to carry around.
15. Is fashion in your blood or your jeans?
I would definitely say that fashion was in my blood! My mum and and my grandmother are both as obsessed with shopping as I am. My mum is my favourite shopping partner and I am forever stealing pieces out of her wardrobe; her shoe and bag collection are also to die for!

I tag all of my followers to answer these questions! Comment and let me know if you have done it, I'd love to read what you've said!


  1. Love these kinds of Q&A's, I automatically start thinking about what I would say! :) xx

  2. Great items love the bag.

  3. Wow...lovely post dear...enjoyed reading your have a lovely would be great if we can follow each let me know honey...its good to stay connected...:-)

  4. I loved this post, so fun and great learning more about your likes and styles. I also like sunglasses and wearing flats most of the time. I enjoyed reading your opinion on my last post. Happy Friday Dear!


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