Thursday, 9 January 2014

Accessories Haul!

The last couple of weeks, I have been shopping too many times! And, at this time of year, I should be taking advantage of the amazing sales and reductions, but I always find myself in the non-sale stuff! I guess I'm a lazy shopper, and the idea of trying to look through racks of unorganised clothes whilst fighting off aggressive bargain hunters and trying to dodge discarded garments on the floor is just so unappealing too me. I like the organised and tidy rest of the store as opposed to the chaotic sale corner, so although I love a bargain, I don't manage to grab to many.
 The last couple of times I have been shopping, I have found some great bits from high street stores. Although when looking back at my purchases, I realised that I have particularly stockpiled on accessories. 

 I got this purse from River Island for £15.00. I've needed a new purse for ages now, and I always love RI ones! I also found this gorgeous necklace in RI for £12.00, it's so pretty!
 This bag is from Forever21 and was just £19.90. I usually carry massive bags around, and I think this is a far more sensible every day bag.
 These beauties are from H&M and were £24.99. They are so comfortable, and go with anything.
 I love nail varnishes and thought these colours were so fun. Both are from River Island and were only a couple of quid. I can't wait to use them!
I got this bracelet when exchanging a Christmas present. I picked the string pull bracelet as I already have a classic Thomas Sabo charm bracelet. I love the summery feel of the bracelet with the cute seahorse charm.


  1. Amazing things! The booties and the bag are so gorgeous! :))

  2. Awesome! Loving the bag<3

  3. The boots from H&M are very similar like mine.



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