Friday, 9 August 2013

My Summer Diary, Part II: Exploring Thailand

I came back from Kavos at midnight on the Wednesday 17th July and was in London for 5 days before I set off on my family holiday to Thailand. For some strange reason I thought I would be able to go into work on the Thursday - how wrong I was. It was a miracle I even got up! I spent the morning fighting to keep my eyes open and after about 4 Red Bulls, I managed to survive the day! The weekend was then a manic mess, trying to pack and prepare for Thailand, but I was beyond excited, as it is a country I have always wanted to visit!
On the 23rd July, my parents, my 2 sisters and I set off to Heathrow to board our flight to Chaing Mai, a city in the north of Thailand. Upon our arrival in Chaing Mai, I realised that this was not going to me the sunny holiday I had envisioned. I was informed that it was indeed the rainy season and that where it usually took 15mins to get to our hotel, it was going to take 1 hour because of the floods. Our transfer then drove through ridiculously deep waters, as I gazed out impressed at the locals who carried on with their days as though there was no torrential downpours. I quickly got over the poor weather as Chaig Mai is an amazing city. We spent our time there wandering the streets, visiting the exquisite temples and browsing the night markets. 
After 4 days there, we took a 2 hour flight to the north of the country to stay in the resort city of Phuket where we stayed for 4 days. The weather was considerably better there, so we mostly relaxed by the pool and chilled on the beach. 
After that, we took a coach to Khao Sok to stay in the Elephant Hills in the jungle for 4 days. Here we had the opportunity to go to an elephant sanctuary, explore mangroves, canoe down a river in the rainforest and so much more! In the evenings, my sisters and I snuggled in the hammock outside our room and just watched the beautiful scenery of steam covered mountains and exotic plants surrounding us.
Following that, we made our way back to Phuket to spend another 3 days in the sunshine before we had to head back to London.
It was such an incredible experience and i definitely want to go back to Thailand as there are so many other cities and sites that I'd love to visit.

Here are some photos from my trip:

Chaing Mai
 Khao Sok

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