Sunday, 19 May 2013

Instagram My Week

(1) My sister sent me a picture of her before her prom, I was gutted I wasn't there to see her, but she looked gorgeous!
(2) Last Saturday I was doing last minute revision for my exam later that day.
(3) I was walking through Oxford on Saturday evening and I thought this looked really eerily cool!
(4) This is a really cute photo of me and my cousins when we were little - I love how hyper we all look!
(5) On Wednesday my flatmates and I  popped a bottle of Prosecco to celebrate the end of our first year at university!
(6) Me with my flatmate and best friend before we drove home from university on Thursday.
(7) This was taken on Friday when my mum and I went to the garden centre to pick out some plants for our garden - so pretty!
(8) My dad is a property developer; on Saturday I visited him on site and had to wear a hard hat - new trend maybe?...
(9)  I was out with my mum and an ice cream van pulled up by us; she was as excited as the little kids about it and I just thought she looked so cute waiting for her ice cream!

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