Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Ciao For Now...

Tomorrow evening I am boarding the plane once more this summer; tomorrow evening I will be on my way to Peru where my sister, cousin and I will staying for 5 weeks - 4 weeks of volunteer work at an orphanage and 1 week exploring and trekking Machu Picchu! I am beyond excited for this trip because it will be such an amazing and valuable experience! It is a very long trip, and I will no doubt be a little homesick, but hopefully I will be so distracted by my work and all the sight-seeing to become miserable missing my family. We have scheduled skype sessions so we can fill our parents and family in on what we've been up too. One skype session I'm dreading will be on the 16th August, when my parents will be calling to give me my A-level results and see whether I've got into university - nerve-racking! On the positive side if my results are bad, then I will be able to avoid my disappointed parents for another 3 weeks!

So I just wanted to let you know that Hey There Good-Looking will be inactive until after September 5th!

So I must love you and leave you for now bloggers!

See you soon!

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