Sunday, 27 May 2012

My Week In Instagram Pics!

This has been a pretty hectic week for me as documented on my favourite app, Instagram!

Monday brought my first exam of four (fingers-crossed it went well!) and was followed by two days of hard-core revision!
On Wednesday I went to see Tyga in concert at Indigo2 were I also met Tim Westwood! Although the queue to get in was beyond ridiculous, Tyga was amazing, he sung all of his hits and some great covers and mash-up's! If you haven't heard of him check him out!

Thursday was a big day for me as it was my last ever day of school! I've been at my school for 7 years now and have made friends and memories which I hope will stay with me forever! In typical Ashmole tradition, we all went to school in our old uniform, although it was so hot, I didn't last very long in mine! It was a very emotional day and was hard saying goodbye to some people that I know I am unlikely to stay in touch with. In the evening my friends and I went to Maxwell's in Covent Garden for some food and cocktails to celebrate our last day! I devoured an amazing rack of ribs - as I live with vegetarians this was a particularly exciting part of my day!
On Friday I celebrated my friend Leyla's birthday at Club195 in Essex! I chose to drive and not drink as I had work the next day but had an amazing night all the same! I wore a cute sequin top from Therapy and a Topshop body-con skirt with black New Look wedges!
I was absolutely shattered after a long night of dancing and was knock-out when I finally got into bed at 4.00am!
Every Saturday I work at a gift and balloon shop called Fairy Box. This week we were getting patriotic whilst preparing for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee which is next weekend! I hung red white and blue bunting all over the shop, and after convincing a confused customer that those colours were to represent the British flag and not the French flag, I was feeling pretty patriotic! Although I would have much preferred to have spend my day in the glorious sunshine, I had a very productive and busy day in the shop! 
Later on I had a cheesy night in with my family watching Eurovision whilst munching Chinese take-away!
Sunday was not a fun-filled as the rest of my week as I had loads of revision to catch up on for my exams, but at least the weather has been gorgeous! Revision is so much easier when you can do it in the sunshine with an ice cold glass of lemonade!

I have three more exams left! I cannot wait for the relief of no more exams and am looking forward to an amazing summer which is fast approaching!

How has your week been?


  1. i love your blog...maybe we can follow each other??? kiss

  2. My weekend sucked, it keeps on raining here.


Thanks so much for your message!

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