Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Hunger Games: LA/London Premieres

The highly anticipated film The Hunger Games premiered this week in Los Angeles and London. This film is the first of three, based on the books by Suzanne Collins, and stars Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Woody Harrelson, Stanley Tucci and other stars. 
The Hunger Games tells the story of Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence), who lives in a post-apocalyptic world in the country of Panem where the countries of North America once existed. The Capitol, a highly advanced metropolis, holds absolute power over the rest of the nation. The Hunger Games are an annual event in which one boy and one girl aged 12 to 18 from each of the 12 districts surrounding the Capitol are selected by lottery to compete in a televised battle in which only one person can survive. Katniss' sister Prim is selected to compete and Katniss volunteers to replace her sister. She competes against other teens, as well as Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), who is in love with Katniss.
I read the books a few years ago, and loved them, so I am very excited to see what the film is like! So far I have only heard good things!

The main cast: Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth (left: LA, right: London). 

 Jennifer looked absolutely stunning, wearing a gold dress at both occasions. The Oscar-nominated Winter's Bone actress, 22, wore Prabal Gurung at the LA event (left) and then braved the bitter cold at the London premiere in a gold Ralph Lauren (right).
The gorgeous Liam Hemswoth was joined by his girlfriend, Miley Cyrus, who he met when they both starred in The Last Song. Miley wore a bustier and skirt combo by Emilio Pucci. In London, Liam was joined by his equally gorgeous brother and Thor actor, Chris Hemsworth.
Co-star Elizabeth Banks chose two vibrant dresses for the premieres. For the LA showing she opted for an orange Versace Couture number, and for London she chose a beautiful yellow dress.
Australian singer and teen sensation Cody Simpson attended the LA premiere, as did reality stars, Kendall and Kylie Jenner.
Also in attendance was Glee's Kevin McHale and Fashion Police's Kelly Osbourne who later tweeted: "Just got out of seeing #HungerGames all I have to say is wow! It really is a must see!". Glee's Kevin McHale 
The Descendants actress Shailene Woodely came to support the film in an Honor dress. Sylvester Stallone brought along his family to enjoy the film.

Who do think stole the show at the premieres?
Are you excited for The Hunger Games?



  1. Jennifer looks stunning!!! love her dress so much!!!!

    Kisses, Lucy:)

  2. Miley Cyrus looks so gorgeous!!

    I really want to watch The Hunger Games. Can't wait!!



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