Monday, 8 August 2011

A Tale of Two Cities: St Petersburg and Brighton

So far I am loving the summer! Granted the weather is still pretty rubbish, but these past few weeks have been amazing!

On the 29th, me and my family flew to St. Petersburg, Russia for a 5-day break. I'd never been before and was really apprehensive about the trip, but I was pleasantly surprised. Russia had the such beautiful architecture and and amazing history. We did hours of walking around the city snd although I was shattered by the fifth day, it was such a fantastic trip.

Then the following weekend I went to Brighton for my cousins 22nd birthday! I had such an amazing time on beach, walking up and down the pier, browsing through vintage shops (I got the most stunning vintage sequin cardigan!) and drinking coktails! We were lucky to have decent weather that weekend too! 
We've decided we are defiently going next year too! Such a fun place!

And I've still got so much to look foward too! This week I'm doing a fashion photography course at the V&A museum, which should be fun. And then towards the end of the holidays I am going to the Reading festival for the weekend, which is sure to be an experience! And then my driving test! Wish me luck!!


  1. Such amazing photos! Need to go one day- everything looks so beautiful!


  2. Lovely photos from St. Petersburg and Brighton is so much fun isn't it!

  3. gorgeous photos :) looks like quite an adventure.

  4. Lovely photos! I love that atmosphere!


  5. Good luck on your driving test! Very lovely pictures! So glad to hear that Forever 21 is finally opening locally inside your town! St. Petersburg is jaw-dropping! Looks like you had a fun and delightful summer!
    -Alyssa from The BF Mashup

  6. love this city! great photos!

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