Friday, 27 May 2011

Roll on the Summer!

Yesterday I had my last exam, and I don't think I have ever been more relieved than when I walked out of that exam hall! Don't get me wrong it was a bloody hard exam, Biology, which is the subject I'm worst at, but it felt so good to know that it was over, for now anyway! And now all I can say is roll on the Summer!!
This Summer season H&M has come out on top with the greatest selection of Summer goodies! Everything from swimwear to accessories in fabulous colours and prints. Here is a selection of whats on offer:
H&M peach dress, £12.99 | H&M daisy print dress, £7.99 | H&M yellow stripe top, £7.99 | H&M palm tree tank top, £3.99 | H&M cotton short, £14.99 | H&M spotted playsuit, £12.99 | H&M black bikini top, £9.99 | H&M flared skirt, £7.99 | H&M yellow bikini bottoms, £7.99 | H&M orange bikini top, £3.99 | H&M heels, £29.99 | H&M cut-out pumps, £14.99 | H&M flower flip flops, £7.99 | H&M straw bag, £24.99 | H&M 'pool' print handbag, £2.99 | H M bangles, £5.99 | H M black sunglasses, £6.99 | H M square sunglass, £4.99



  1. Haha I was good at Biology but was horrible at math.. Cute looks.. Especially the striped yellow shirt.. I think we are all ready for summer..

    All the best, Angel

  2. My exams start soon, I'm really dreading them! But summer sounds so great :) Those are great pieces from H&M, I love shopping there! I just bought a gorgeous pair of their sandals :)

  3. Hey, you made it! Congrats :)
    Have a super lovely weekend!

  4. Loving all these pieces!! I want so many of the ones you posted. Love those bangles.


  5. lovely stuff! h&m is the best!!

  6. lovely collage!!! <3

    on my blog there's an exclusive interview to jacques olivar, a famous photographer for marieclaire and glamour.

  7. summer,summer!!this is a great collage for summer items!
    i wear dresses all the time the ones you chose are so pretty!

    kisses <3


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