Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Going down the rabbit hole

I have been trying to stay focused and revise this week for those dreaded exams in the summer, but how could I stay in my room with a load of books when the weather was so amazing on the bank holiday weekend? 
In our typical Greek way, we ended up with the BBQ out and all the family round for a fabulous (and very loud) day with great food and drink in the beautiful sunshine and I finally had a valid reason to get those sandals and a summer dress on!
     I made the most of the sunshine on bank holiday Monday and had my lovely sister hopping (get it?) around our garden in a rabbit mask for a shoot for my photography assignment of mystery and imagination. This has been my favourite shoot so far, and I think my most effective, because it seems so strange to see an animal with human characteristics, let alone a human body, and I love the confusing feeling I get from looking at them. 
Let me know what you think...

Lyric used in blog title: Adam Lambert - Down The Rabbit Hole

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