Friday, 22 October 2010

Coke the Largefeld Way...

Pepsi and 7-Up eat your heart out, Coke Light is officially the coolest fizzy drink! 

The new bottle designed by Karl Largerfeld is definitely the most fashion-forward fizzy drink to hit our stores since forever! The new advertisements feature the lovely Coco Rocha, who is dressed  typical Largerfeld fashion in black and white with the fingerless gloves. Largerfeld's favourite male model Baptiste Giacobini is also in the adverts; the ads were shot by the design genius himself.
The bottle comes in a limited edition box with a bottle-opener hidden in a draw. The bottle itself is simply decorated with Largerfeld's silhouette on a white background.
The bottles can be purchased in the US from Colettes for $4.50.

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